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Planning for your Portrait Session

If you have never had a Hayley Lehmann portrait before it is a good idea to pre-plan your session.

Studio or on Location

Portraits in a studio have a very different look to those shot in your home or on location. Obviously there is a cost consideration to take into account, as the sitting fee in the studio is £75 whereas on location it is £200. But if you are investing in a session which you plan to create either an album from or some gorgeous wall displays within your home, it is best to look at the wider picture and select the session style that suits your end aim best.


Have you thought how you might want to display your images? A single wall portrait. A modern collection of portraits within a single frame. Several coordinated frames scattered over a single wall or within a room. More contemporary wall mounted images that are frameless because they are mounted within an acrylic block or printed on metal.

There are so many options to choose from that you probably haven't even thought of. One thing we always ask our clients to do is to photograph their house for us and measure the potential walls. That way we can advise you what sizes, frame types and combinations will work best.

Your Clothing

It is important to choose outfits that will make pleasing portraits and be coherent with the style of portrait that you are planning. Remember that busy patterns, stripes, bright colours, logos and emblems are distractions from the focal point; the face, or faces in the portrait. Colour coordination lends harmony. While all clothing does not have to match, the colours should blend well so that one person does not dominate the scene. Dark clothing tends to minimize apparent body size, while light shades do the opposite. Long sleeves are best for adults and older children.

Hair Styling and Makeup

We have found it best, especially in the case of children, not to schedule your session immediately following a haircut. A week later is usually best. Women often visit their hair salon to be styled before coming to us, and we can offer the services of an excellent makeup artist if required, although this needs to be pre-booked. We encourage subtle, natural make-up on most women, and a touch of the lightest gloss on children's lips.


Facial enhancements will take place on all of your final prints. We aim to smooth wrinkles and smooth skin to make you look your best. If you have a particular issue about your appearance such as a crooked nose or one eye smaller than another please tell us in advance. There is much that can be done in the pre-planning stage to help deliver a portrait that you will love and cherish forever.

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