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To capture those moments, Hayley Lehmann Photography London offers the best in Professional Photographs e.g Wedding Photography, Bar mitzvah Photography, Civil Partnership Photography, Corporate Event Photography and Portrait Photography.
Case Study: Wedding

Case Study: Wedding

The brief

M and D’s wedding ceremony was at a synagogue in Hendon, followed by a lavish do at the Natural History Museum. As the couple are both keen football fans (he supports Arsenal, she supports Spurs), we went to the Emirates Stadium with a load of football props, and took more photos there. The caterer had one hour to transform the Great Dinosaur Hall into a function suite, and we photographed a time-line of the room being dressed. We also retouched the couple’s favourite photo to make a wall canvas, and designed the bespoke album to be produced in Italy.

Client comment

“Everyone says they don’t like having their photo taken, but I hate hate hate it! I’m always critical of myself in photos, but I adore my wedding pictures! I was a bit nervous but Hayley puts you at your ease. She’s a reassuring and calming person to have around, who gets the best out of you somehow.

She’s so discreet; throughout the entire day we hardly noticed whether she was there or not. We were amazed by some of the pictures she got. She captured real emotion in action shots as things were happening. She organised our big family groups which wasn’t the easiest thing, and some of the stunning venue photos she took were reprinted in the Jewish Chronicle. The pictures look spectacular! We’re really thrilled with the outcome.

I wouldn’t even change the fact that it rained! It could have been a disaster but it added to the feel. She took funny pictures of me getting out of the wedding car holding up my wedding dress, with my Dad holding an umbrella over me.

It took quite a while for us to sift through which pictures to use for the album, as there were so many to choose from. She’s put so much of our personality into it. It’s very much customised; so different from any other album I’ve seen. The whole layout and style is what we would have chosen. Even the proofs are in book form like an album to keep forever.

Hayley takes everything you say into account as well as your personality and your partner’s personality. She spent time listening to us as individuals and put in a lot of effort to make sure we’d be happy with the results.”


Case Study: Corporate

Case Study: Corporate

The brief

Initially, I was booked to photograph the retirement dinner of the HR director, taking individual and group shots of about 50 people. Then, when George Wimpey merged with Taylor Woodrow to become Taylor Wimpey, the largest house builder in the UK, I was commissioned to cover the board’s farewell dinner at The Dorchester Hotel. I have also photographed the group conference.

Client comment

"There were seven board directors present at the merger dinner, together with their wives. Hayley photographed the evening as it unfolded: the speeches, presentations, food, celebrations and laughter.

She set up a mini studio in an adjoining room and photographed each couple before dinner, and later on, took both formal and informal photos of the board.

Afterwards, she scanned some of the less-sensitive merger documents and designed a personalised album for each director, combining all these things as a memento of the occasion.

The photographs and albums are amazing, each made individually so they are relevant to each couple.

Hayley is very reliable. We know we can just leave her to it. I am confident that once I’ve made a booking that she’ll be there early (she plans for traffic so she’s never late).

Hayley is fantastic at working with people. It’s as if you’ve known her forever! She’s a lovely, friendly lady who just fits in with the people on the night, no matter who they are.

I can’t fault her on anything, always recommend her, and would never go anywhere else for corporate photography."

Sharon Axford, Taylor Wimpey plc

Case Study: Portrait

Case Study: Portrait

The brief

Elena and Jan originally came to me as wedding clients. They returned a few years later for portraits with their one-year-old daughter. I captured them in every combination: the three of them together, the baby on her own, the baby with mum, the baby with dad, and finally mum and dad together. From the portrait sitting we made birthday cards to send to relatives, designed a book for both sets of grandparents and supplied a large multi-aperture wall frame with seven pictures in it. The couple also bought 20 prints to keep as a record of the sitting.

Client comment

“It is a tradition in South America to give family and friends a photo of your child to celebrate their first birthday.

When our daughter, Sofia, turned one year old, my husband and I booked a session at Hayley Lehmann’s studio. She took a range of photos of the three of us wearing different outfits, alone, together, holding the baby, playing, standing, sitting, and even moving and dancing around to background music.

Hayley makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed so you can ‘lose yourself’ a little bit. The sitting wasn’t formal at all. We felt as though we were taking some photos with a warm, funny friend.

There were so many great photos we couldn’t choose them all. We picked one we really liked to be made into 50 cards to send to family and friends abroad. We also had two books made up with a selected group of photos for the grandparents. We received really nice comments from the people we gave the photo to. A collage from the photo-shoot was mounted in a frame that now hangs in our hallway, and everyone who comes round admires it.

Hayley also took our wedding photos which wasn’t easy because most guests were Spanish and Dutch and didn’t speak much English. She managed to make everyone cooperate in a very nice way, and they still remember her. Everyone really likes the natural reportage-style of our wedding album; it’s that bit different to traditional albums.

We really like the quality of Hayley’s work which is why we definitely recommend her and will call on her again when Sofia is a bit older.”

Elena Scheepers

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