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Hayley Lehmann Wedding Photographers

As professional photographers, we know how important it is to capture beautiful images for lasting memories by offering exceptional photography services. You can see from the pictures, as they speak for themselves.

Our Frequently Asked Questions are broken down into categories as shown below. If you don't find the answer to your questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Online Buying

Can my pictures be published online?
Yes, if you select this service, your pictures can be published online in our BUY ONLINE section. Your images will be held within a password protected area and can only be viewed by those whom you give the password to.
When will my pictures appear online?
Normally your pictures will appear online within 2 weeks of your event.
How many pictures will be published online?
When you book us to photograph your event, depending on the length of attendance required your contract will state the minimum number of images that you may expect to receive. Remember that this is a minimum, not a maximum, and that we will endeavour to give you many images in excess of our contractual minimum. The same number of images that you receive as proofs will appear online unless you ask us to remove some.
How long will my pictures be online?
Your pictures will stay live for one year from the date of your event.
Will my pictures be password protected online?
Your pictures will be password protected, so only you and your guests will have access to them. Either you can notify your guests in advance that they can order online, or we can distribute cards on the night giving details of how your guests can view and order the images.
What size prints can I order online?
You can order various sizes from very small to very large.
Please note the following:
1. Some sizes especially 10x8" and 20x16" may crop quite a bit off of the image top and bottom that you can see on the screen.
2. We offer 2 types of reprint. Regular prints are as you see them. They are colour balanced and this is fine for most people. Hand prints offer additional options so that you can select black white or sepia tones, or requesting blemish removal such as spots on someone's face.
3. Regular prints do not come in a presentation folder but you can order these separately.
4. You may order a frame and simple album presentations online.
5. If in doubt about any of our ordering options, please contact us on 020 8447 0728 or by e-mail contact@hayleylehmann.co.uk
Can I buy digital files online?
You may purchase images on a CD online. These will be charged at £50 + Vat each and the purchaser shall be granted a licence in perpetuity to use or reproduce any of the images supplied on the disc for private use only up to a maximum size of 12x8".
What size digital files can I buy online?
Any digital files bought online will be supplied with a licence granted in perpetuity, to use or reproduce any of the images supplied on the disc for private use only, up to a maximum size of 12x8".
Is it safe to give out my credit card details over the internet?
All transaction information given to us for sales order processing is encrypted using 128-bit SSL certificates. All of our transactions are processed using a secure server. All sensitive data is secured using the same internationally recognised 256-bit encryption standards used by, among others, the US Government
Can I buy pictures online without a credit card?
Yes, there are several ways you can buy online without a credit card but it is probably easier if you give us a call first on 020 8447 0728 and we will talk you through the steps.
You may pay by credit card over the telephone, or by cheque but this will need to clear before we can despatch the goods.
How long will it take for prints to arrive that I have ordered online?
Prints ordered online will normally be despatched within 2 weeks from the date that you place an order. Please allow time for delivery.

Booking Enquiries

What length of coverage do I need on my wedding day?
Ask yourself if the record of your day would be complete if some of the following elements were missing?
· Pre-ceremony
· Ceremony
· Formals
· Reception
· Speeches
· Dancing
A full coverage from start to finish, allows you to look back and savour your memories forever.
What will it cost and how does the pricing work?
We charge an attendance fee which includes preview images, and we ask you to commit to spend a minimum amount with us after your event. This "minimum spend" is equivalent to our entry level album.
The attendance fee depends on the length of your event. Please use our booking enquiry form, or give us a call on 020 8447 0728 if you would like specific pricing information.
Our pricing structure gives you the freedom to choose what you want after you have seen your beautiful photographs.
You may use your "minimum spend" to order anything from our range...from a few enlargements right through to a complex album. It is your choice, however this minimum spend may not be used for online purchases.
Can you give me a quote to photograph my event?
It helps us to quote correctly if we know how long you require us to be there, the location, date and type of event.
Please go to the contact page and enter details of your event into the online booking enquiry. We will endeavour to give you a quotation within 24 hours.
Alternatively you may contact us by telephone on 020 8447 0728 or by e-mail contact@hayleylehmann.co.uk
Who will be photographing my event?
Be sure that you know who exactly will be photographing your wedding. Establish a rapport with your photographer rather than the owner of the studio.
Hayley Lehmann Ltd will always specify the name of the photographer allocated to your event, so that there are no last minute surprises.
Do you give paper proofs or do we have to select what we want from a projector?
Some photographers invite the client back for a viewing session to look at images on a screen and give you nothing physical to take away unless you pay extra, whilst others give paper proofs.
Hayley gives paper proofs for social photography commissions and this is included in the attendance fee.
A preview book is the standard proofing method and the images in it are approx 3.5 x 2.5". For an extra 10% on top of the attendance fee you may have 6 x 4" prints instead of the proof book, or for an extra 15% you may have 7 x 5" prints.
None of our preview prints have any image numbers or the words "copyright" or "proof" stamped across the front of them.
Are the proofs mine to keep?
Check the agreement with your chosen photographer.
Hayley Lehmann guarantees a minimum number of proofs for social photography engagements, and bundles them in with the attendance fee, so that there are no hidden extras after the event.
What type of cameras do you use?
Hayley currently uses Canon professional digital camera bodies together with the best Canon professional lenses. These are versatile and easy to use allowing us to capture the action, whilst giving beautiful enlargements to 30 x 20" and above.
Will the photographs be digital or on film?
There are advantages and disadvantages to both film and digital photography, probably too numerous and boring to mention here. However, all of our images are captured digitally as we feel that the increased choice of product available such as magazine-style albums, and the ease of retouching digital images makes it the right choice for us and our clients.
Can I buy a disc of all the digital negatives?
Hayley's digital negatives are available to purchase subject to certain conditions.
1. The client must first order an album at Level 4 album (or monetary equivalent) on our current price list.
2. The disc option will only become available after the album is delivered and not before.
3. Payment of £350 + Vat for the disc must be received before it will be released.
4. The client shall be granted a licence in perpetuity to use or reproduce any of the images supplied on the disc for private use only up to a maximum size of 12x8".
Who owns the copyright of the photographs?
The copyright remains with the photographer at all times in accordance with the prevailing copyright legislation of the United Kingdom. Any photographs that you purchase must not be photocopied, scanned, distributed or reproduced in any way without the prior approval of the photographer.
Do we need an engagement session if we book you to photograph our wedding?
This is a great way for a couple to get to know their photographer, and for the photographer to understand the likes and dislikes of the bride and groom. It is entirely up to you if you would like to book an engagement session with Hayley Lehmann, however it would incur an extra charge over and above the wedding fee.
Can I give the photographer a list of photographs that I want taken?
Yes, but the photographer can never guarantee to capture every shot or person on that list, as sometimes, circumstances do not allow it.
What happens if the photographer is ill on my special day?
An accredited professional photographer should be able to call upon a team of equally qualified colleagues from their professional institute to take over at short notice.
Do you offer videography as well?
Photography and video although working side-by-side, are very different techniques. The photographer should have a list of recommended videographers.

General Information

What is a professional photographer?
A photographer is a person who takes a photograph using a camera. A professional photographer uses photography to make a living.

Photographers are often categorized based on the subjects they photograph.
Hayley Lehmann is recognised as being a qualified Wedding photographer by Institutes such as the BIPP and SWPP.
Why use a professional photographer rather than a friend or relative?
As digital cameras grow in sophistication it is becoming easier for everyone to get pleasing results for apparently little cost. However, using an amateur to take an important picture can be a false economy.
Photographers are not just technicians. A professional understands how to capture images that convey the message required. Their experience enables them to obtain successful results in any situation.
If you determine it's not worth the risk of missing (or messing up) even one un-repeatable moment of your event, then a professional protographer is the only way to go!
How should a professional photographer be selected?
One of the best ways is to ask friends and family for referrals. Check that the photographer is free on the date that you require and make an appointment to visit them. Look at their style and range of services, and ascertain that these are to your taste and fall within your budget. As good photography is about teamwork, only book a photographer who is on the same wavelength as you.
When should we look for and book a professional photographer?
Many photographers' schedules fill up quickly, so the earlier you start, the better chance you'll have of getting the one you want. For a wedding or barmitzvah, typically start the search as soon as you have confirmed the date of the event and booked the venue.
Why should we sign a contract with a professional photographer?
A contract will typically state start and finish times, payment terms, guarantee prices and detail the Companys' services. The contract serves to help ensure that misunderstandings do not arise.
Should a potential client wish to view a template of Hayley Lehmann's contract prior to booking, in order to check out the terms and conditions, it is available on this website in the "legal" section. Kindly ask for the password by calling 020 8447 0728
Does a professional photographer carry backup equipment?
A sign of any good professional photographer is that they carry doubles of everything.
Hayley's photographers always carry backup equipment on every job.
What is the BIPP?
The British Institute of Professional Photography. www.bipp.co.uk
Established in 1901, The British Institute of Professional Photography is the main qualifying body for professional photographers in the UK, with over 3500 members covering every type of photography from aerial to underwater photography.
Hayley qualified to Licentiate standard in 2001.
What is the SWPP?
The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers. www.swpp.co.uk
The choice of a Professional Photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your Wedding - Family Portrait - Commercial Shoot or any other special assignment.
There are hundreds of photographers in the world to choose from. How do you decide? All photographers are not alike!
Many Professional Photographers belong to the SWPP which was founded in 1989, and boasts membership of only the finest Photographers.
SWPP members benefit from continuous education in their chosen field through regular meetings and programs, access to educational materials, and sharing knowledge with their peers.
SWPP has a strict Code of Ethics that is rigidly enforced to ensure the consumer is not only hiring a talented photographer, but also one with impeccable business practices.
Hayley qualified to Licentiate standard in 2004.
What is the WPPI?
Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. www.wppionline.com
WPPI holds an Annual Convention in Las Vegas USA and is a great source of inspiration from the world's top wedding, portrait, commercial, lifestyle and fine art photographers.
Hayley attends this trade show each year, to keep abreast of new trends in the wedding and portrait industry worldwide.
What is reportage photography?
Reportage photography is a very informal, fly-on-the-wall approach. It is used to record events as they happen without any intervention from the photographer in terms of posing of subjects. It is perfect when combined with other contrasting photographic styles to give a full record of the day.
Hayley Lehmann typically uses a combination of reportage and classical styles to give a balanced approach to wedding and event photography.
What is classical photography?
Classical photography is a fairly traditional style of recording your special day. It is used to capture family groups and some set-up bride and groom shots and is a formal way of recording your special day. It is perfect when combined with some other contrasting photographic styles to give a full record of the day.
Hayley Lehmann tries to ensure that formal posed groups don't stay formal for very long, and end up with loads of cuddles and laughter which makes for fabulous imagery.
What is candid photography?
Candid photography may look like reportage, but is actually set up by the photographer.

Our services include the best barmitzvah photography, wedding photography, civil partnership photography, corporate photography, event photography, and portrait photographs in London & Southeast of England. We are well established family photographers and known as one of the premier wedding photographers in London. Our photography studio for portrait photography and other photography services is located near Barnet which is a 30 minute drive from Central London.

Professional Photography

With our professional Photography, we ensure we provide you with quality as part of our photography services ranging from Wedding Photography to Portrait Photography.
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