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Away with the Fairies

Thursday March 18th 2010

Being a professional social & portrait photographer, means having a busy schedule processing images and albums inbetween bookings. That’s why my personal work is so important. It shows a love of craft over money! I like my personal work to be an extension of my commercial images. It is my outlet to take risks, and […]

Wedding & Barmitzvah Invitations

Thursday February 11th 2010

A wedding or barmitzvah invitation will sit on the fridges of your guests for quite a while so put the effort into a great design. Off the shelf invitations are generally at the cheaper end of the market, while handmade invitations are next in line. Bespoke invitations are the most expensive but are the first […]

A Guide to Jewish Wedding Customs

Tuesday February 9th 2010

A Jewish wedding is a great cause for celebration, and although there are many laws and traditions associated with the wedding day itself, other rituals take place in the weeks leading up to the big day.