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Makeup for Weddings and Barmitzvahs

Monday June 1st 2009

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, and every barmitzvah boy’s mother wants to feel young and beautiful again like they did when they first got married. It’s only natural to want your other half to think “Wow!” when he sees you all dressed up in your finery.
And, let’s not forget, your celebration will be captured for posterity in your photos, so it’s more important than ever to look your best – all day long.

Laura & Jonny’s Wedding

Tuesday May 26th 2009

Yesterday I photographed a really, really stunning wedding at The Millennium Hotel, Mayfair. The couple were supermodels and everything about their big day was perfection. But when I photograph a wedding, the real beauty for me is in the body language of the bride and groom.

Guide to Choosing a Professional Photographer

Wednesday May 20th 2009

We recognise that your choice of photographer is a very personal one, driven by a host of factors from chemistry and instinct, desired style of coverage, reputation and value. We also know that the process of choosing can feel like a chore, with many photographers appearing to provide very similar services, making it hard to justify choosing one over another. The purpose of this guide is to help frame some of the issues that we feel, with the benefit of our wide experience and knowledge of professional photography practice, should be fully considered when determining who to select.