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How to ensure you get the best, not the worst, wedding photos

Wednesday May 2nd 2012

Did you read the article a couple of weeks ago in the Daily Mail about how Thomas and Anneka Geary’s wedding day was ruined by a professional photographer they hired for £750? The photos should have been stunning images which they would treasure forever. Instead Thomas and Anneka were devastated with what they received. So […]

Post Processing

Saturday October 1st 2011

Most Wedding and Barmitzvah clients see a photographer like me shooting at their function and equate the photographer’s fee to a very nice hourly rate. They forget about the physical goods included within the package such as an album or prints, and they have absolutely no idea about the time spent post processing the images […]

Photographing a Friend’s Wedding

Tuesday September 27th 2011

This weekend I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of a long lost friend which got me thinking about this blog topic. Sometimes I get invited to a celebration as a guest rather than a photographer. My friends always say either that they want me to relax and enjoy myself or that they don’t […]