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Thank You

Monday January 9th 2012

  Thank you. Such an important phrase, and so fundamental to the way we interact with others in society. It elicits satisfaction and pleasure from both the giver and the recipient. We are taught to say “Thank you” almost at the same time as we learn to say “Mum” or “Dad”. It might even be […]


Wednesday November 9th 2011

On Sunday I photographed Gina & Mitchell’s beautiful wedding at The Park Lane Hotel. For me it was a double pleasure as I had previously photographed the groom’s mothers wedding in 2005. The question is, in these days where parents are often divorced and remarried, how carefully do I have to tread as a photographer […]

Post Processing

Saturday October 1st 2011

Most Wedding and Barmitzvah clients see a photographer like me shooting at their function and equate the photographer’s fee to a very nice hourly rate. They forget about the physical goods included within the package such as an album or prints, and they have absolutely no idea about the time spent post processing the images […]