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Wednesday November 9th 2011

On Sunday I photographed Gina & Mitchell’s beautiful wedding at The Park Lane Hotel. For me it was a double pleasure as I had previously photographed the groom’s mothers wedding in 2005. The question is, in these days where parents are often divorced and remarried, how carefully do I have to tread as a photographer when covering such an event?

The Park Lane Hotel 111106 5015 300x200 RelationshipsIn my planning meetings I always ask if parents are together or not. If not, I enquire about new partners, how my bride and groom feel about their step parents, and whether or not the divorced parents are amicable.

When photographing family groups I aim to get a photo that will keep everyone happy. Bride and groom want photos with their birth parents. Divorced parents want photos with their new partners. I swing birth parents and their new partners in and out of my groups as I build them up so that no one feels left out. This is a skill that I have developed over many years of working as a photographer, and family groups are summoned from memory and without any lists in front of me on the big day.

Luckily for me this Sunday, Mitchell’s parents and their new (well….not so new) partners were extremely amicable. In fact Mitchell’s Dad made some very tasteful and amusing references in his speech to how both his ex-wife and his new wife were both smiling and happy to be together today, and how happy he was to be sharing the day with his ex-wife’s new husband.

This contrasts starkly with some weddings where ex’s won’t even be in the same room as each other, let alone sit on the same table or be in the same photograph. This is the rich fabric of life which I am privileged to capture as I photograph my way through my clients functions. It is also something that I will be mindful of when one day my two beautiful daughters get married! Did you hear that Fred?

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