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Saturday October 1st 2011

Most Wedding and Barmitzvah clients see a photographer like me shooting at their function and equate the photographer’s fee to a very nice hourly rate. They forget about the physical goods included within the package such as an album or prints, and they have absolutely no idea about the time spent post processing the images or designing the album.

Before 200x300 Post Processing

Dentist Dad with gaps (before)

Post processing, is the behind the scenes work to enhance or improve a photograph. In the olden days (well, in photographic terms, only a decade ago) a photographer would have given their unexposed film into a lab who would have developed it and printed it. The skill of the printer to try and get the best out of the film negatives was the equivalent of the photographer who nowadays spends as long, if not longer after an event in post processing on the computer than they do shooting in the first place.

The art of post processing is to make the images look great and natural, after all a wedding is a wedding not a Vogue photoshoot. Some photographers fiddle and photoshop their images to death. The images become so arty that they become far removed from the reality of the couple. The other issue is the clients who think photoshop is the magic and cure all for everything. I had one bride say to me last year “I didn’t go on a diet before my wedding because I knew you could slim me down”.

After 200x300 Post Processing

Dentist Dad without gaps (after)

The reality of post processing for me is that I’m quite fussy about the way my images look. The final images always look real, if not a bit colourful which is my personal preference, but they aren’t processed to death. I tidy up blemishes and hide shine and sweaty bits, but I don’t turn my brides into Angelina Jolies or my grooms into Brad Pitts! One day when I shoot for Vogue (P.G) my style might change, but until then….

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