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Variety is the Spice of Life

Tuesday September 13th 2011

Wedding at Lansdowne Club 110904 4020 200x300 Variety is the Spice of LifeLast week was exceptionally busy, so I thought I would write about the variety of commissions I receive as a professional photographer. One of the most interesting things I find, especially as I’m a “people” photographer, is where my work takes me, and all the wonderful people I get to meet.
On Sunday I photographed Sandria & Guy’s beautiful wedding at The Lansdowne Club in Berkeley Square, London. Following on from my last blog in which I discussed why some people shouldn’t bother getting married, this couple were the antithesis of that, and as “in love” as being in love can be. When they looked at each other you could see unspoken words flowing from one to the other. When they held hands it was as if they were joined at the hip. When they moved, they moved together. It was a pure joy to photograph their wedding. I didn’t have to create romance in their photographs. Love oozed from every pore on both of their bodies!
On Tuesday I photographed one of my schools. It was an inner city Academy which opened in 2007. It was an ultra modern, fully equipped, state-of-the-art modern, glass building which was polished, clean and fully equipped.  Given the summer riots one would have thought it would be a chaotic, dark place full of pupils without hope or purpose, but I found the absolute opposite. The Year 7’s were wearing a beautiful school uniform which obviously cost a packet, but that translated into dignity, and pride that they had been enrolled in such a great school.  The Year 12’s were all kitted out in smart suits and business attire like they were ready to start work in the City. There were bucket loads of discipline, respect and positivity. Having photographed in many, many schools over the years, anyone would have thought I was in the most private of private schools, not an inner city academy.
Conference 110907 3022 300x200 Variety is the Spice of LifeOn Wednesday I photographed a new conference for the hotel investment sector at the Park Plaza Riverbank . My brief was to create images to be used for marketing literature next year, and also for the press. Whilst talk of rates of return, ARR’s (Average room rates) and economics went somewhat over my head, there was one fact that didn’t. In these harsh economic times, one keynote speaker said that travellers were buying hotel accommodation based on price rather than amenities. I photographed the plenary sessions, the breakout sessions, the comfort and networking breaks. I captured many handshakes, swapping of business cards, introductions and much more. Given my background in business, it is easy for me to spot what makes a good business marketing photograph.
On Friday it was baby portraits which was lovely because only 9 months before I had created a maternity album for this same client and her husband. I always like doing baby portraits when the infant is able to sit up unassisted. At this stage the personality begins to shine through, and much as I would love to show you some of the gorgeous, chubby “bottom” pictures that I created, I am not comfortable with posting them on the net.
All in one week I had photographed a wedding, a school, a conference / corporate event and portraits. What a lucky lady I am to be a photographer, although I know that my social media guru Barry Viniker would say how lucky my clients are to have me!

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