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Hannah & Grant’s Wedding

Sunday March 1st 2009
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The Marriott Hotel Regents Park, otherwise known as the Marriott Swiss Cottage, was the venue for the fantastic wedding of Hannah & Grant.

I had worked with Grant’s family many years before when I covered his brother’s Barmitzvah, and Grant mentioned to me how he and Hannah would love me to cover their son’s Barmitzvah one day if they are lucky enough to have a son. How lovely is that? Now I really feel part of the family.

The weather was just perfect, and one of the highlights of the day was the few quiet moments we had going around St John’s Wood after the ceremony to take some outdoor photos. St John’s Wood is where I grew up, so we started off with the location that was the view from my childhood bedroom window; the Abbey Road Zebra Crossing, made infamous by the Beetles in 1969. Hannah & Grant crossed the Zebra crossing (with their shoes on) to the delight of all the tourists who had gathered there.
Thereafter we went to Violet Hill where there is a beautiful, intimate, little park. The sun was setting behind the trees and the sky was all different shades of gold which made a wonderful backdrop for some romantic shots.

090301 4058 199x300 Hannah & Grants Wedding

But probably the highlight of my day were the shots that we took outside the public lavatories in the park. Strange though this might seem, the Ladies and Gentlemen signs had just become illuminated and it tickled my sense of humour to use these signs together with Hannah and Grant for some of my more Vogue posing. They saw the funny side too, and I warned them that I didn’t want to be asked to Photoshop out the toilet signs later on for their album. They looked at the images on the back of my camera and promised me that they would stay as they were.

Later on in the day, Grant made a wonderful speech which even brought tears to my eyes. He talked about Hannah his wife and how he was the luckiest boy alive to have a wife who wears a nurses uniform most days of the week.  They are a beautiful couple inside and out. If I could bottle and sell all the love that they have for one another, I would be a very rich lady indeed!

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